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Manage Chronic Knee Pain with Blood Flow Restriction Training at Redrock Physiotherapy

If you live with ongoing knee pain, you know how much it can impact your daily activities and quality of life. At Redrock Physiotherapy Clinic in St Albans, we offer an innovative treatment called blood flow restriction training (BFRT) to help patients manage chronic knee pain and improve function. In this blog, we’ll explain how BFRT works and why it’s beneficial for chronic knee issues.

What is Blood Flow Restriction Training?

BFRT involves exercising while wearing a specialised cuff or wrap placed around the top of the affected leg. This cuff gently restricts blood flow to the muscles below it. You’ll then perform light exercises like leg extensions or walking with the cuff on.

Restricting blood flow allows you to use lighter resistance (just 20-30% of your max) but still gain strength benefits. It reduces stress on the knee joint while stimulating muscle growth. Specialised BFRT equipment monitors and modulates the pressure to ensure safety and comfort.

Benefits for Knee Pain

Research shows that BFRT can significantly improve strength and reduce pain in those with chronic knee issues. It’s an effective way to strengthen the quadriceps and hamstrings around the knee without putting pressure on the joint.

Stronger muscles help stabilise the knee, improving alignment and taking pressure off the cartilage and other structures. This provides natural pain relief. The light loads protect the knees while the restriction promotes muscle gains.

BFRT is ideal if you have osteoarthritis, chronic pain after knee surgery or injury, or knee discomfort that’s limiting activity and function. It’s safe for most ages and fitness levels when properly supervised.

Our Experienced Physiotherapists

At Redrock Physiotherapy Clinic, our physiotherapists are specially trained to provide BFRT using best practice protocols. We combine it with exercises, mobilisations, taping and other treatments as part of your personalised knee rehab program.

If chronic knee pain is limiting your mobility and quality of life, we encourage you to give BFRT a try. Call Redrock Physiotherapy Clinic in St Albans today to learn more and book a an appointment. We’ll help you reduce your knee pain and get back to the activities you enjoy.


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