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Never Ending Back and Leg Pain

I saw Kieran after I had been experiencing back pain for 3 months. I had previously been seeing an osteopath, who had been helpful with managing the early aspects of recovery. I had also undergone a spinal injection to help manage pain.

I saw Kieran after the injection. When I first met him, I was quite despondent about my recovery. The osteopath and injection had resulted in some improvements, but I was not back to my normal level of functioning, had low sitting-tolerance and was finding it difficult to work due to the pain and levels of discomfort. I became very worried and distressed that I would never get well. This worrying also affected my sleep. It became a vicious cycle of pain and worry, and recovery seemed unobtainable.

When I saw Kieran, he was extremely helpful. Kieran treats his patients holistically and has a huge amount of knowledge and expertise, which was very reassuring. From the start, he was positive about my ability to recover, could provide understandable formulations around why I was experiencing pain and gave me therapy and exercises that linked to these formulations. He also set realistic goals that kept me reassured and motivated. He recognised the psychological aspects of managing pain and recovery, was able to provide tangible reasons to why these would impact recovery and ensured approaches that also managed this part of my recovery.

I ended up seeing Kieran for 8 sessions over 3 months. I experienced significant improvements in managing my pain and improving my function. My mood and confidence also improved over this time. I achieved my goals to return to my normal daily activities and exercises, and started Pilates. I might still have some minor niggles now and then, but I will know how to manage them and that I could consult with Kieran again for support. This is very reassuring.

I would recommend Kieran who provides holistic, solution-focused, and person-centred therapy that is underlined by a strong scientific basis and obvious expertise.

A patient's account - Abby

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